21 day devotional: Live fully in your purpose


"In the midst of a culture focused on the temporary and external, Masey so beautifully calls to a generation to live for something bigger than themselves in 'It's Worth It.' The beyond her years wisdom that pours from her heart along with her cute sense of humor and raw honesty will pull you in and make you feel like you're having coffee with a friend. I have no doubt your faith will be stirred and your perspective renewed just as mine was after reading this gem." 

  -Meredith Andrews, contemporary Christian music artist and songwriter  


"Masey McLain's passion for others to know God and to live in the fullness of life shines through her writing. 'It's Worth It' offers day-by-day transparent, relevant, and honest devotional for those seeking purpose on their journey. I am confident you will have a renewed passion for life through reading this devotional!"

- Hannah Brencher, author of "If you Find This Letter" and founder of The World Needs More Love Letters


"In a world full of all sorts of voice, Masey's is one to be heard. She is authentic, open, honest and sweet. It is evident that she truly loves Jesus. You will definitely be encouraged and strengthened in your walk with the Lord through this devotional, as ours have been!"

-Jeremy and Adrienne Camp, contemporary Christian music artist and songwriter"


"Thank you Masey for touching our hearts in your portrayal of Rachel Scott in the movie I'm Not Ashamed. Young people and adults alike will be challenged and moved through your words of encouragement and hope as they read It's Worth It."

-Josh Mcdowell


"Masey's honesty in these devotions will hit home with anyone who desires to know God more intimately. You will find her life and her writing every bit as inspirational as Rachel's. "These hands" will certainly play a big part in "changing the world!"" 

-Billy Beacham, Student Discipleship Ministries, See you at the Pole


"This devotional is just beautiful and spot on for reaching a generation for the gospel of Jesus Christ. I couldn’t be more grateful or thankful and pleased with how Rachel was portrayed through Masey. She captured the heart and spirit of my daughter on so many levels. Rachel’s greatest aspect of her love for the Lord and others was her authenticity,  sincerity and honestly in her relationship with God. This devotional captures that very essence and truthfulness in serving the Lord. Rachel could be hard on herself and I believe as Christian teens, many feel exactly like that.  However all the Lord asked of us is to be willing and obedient, not perfect. You will receive encouragement and inspiration through this wonderful 21 day journey."

-Beth Nimmo (mother of Rachel Joy Scott)


"It's Worth It is not the standard youth devotional.   This is real world stuff that will set up students to settle and never to soar; its about loving Jesus with all your heart.  I have spent my life teaching students to make excellence and commitment your standard and Masey gets that. Thank you, Masey, for standing up with this message and coming alongside students with such a strong, impactful message." 

-Jay Strack, President, Student Leadership University


"Today's young people long for authenticity. In her devotional, It's Worth It, Masey shares honest and personal from her own journey to know God. I know that Masey's thoughtful reflections and application will encourage all who go through this 21 day encounter." 

-Daryl Nuss, National Network of Youth Ministries